Create your first project in Rokoko Studio

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This is for anyone who wants to learn more about creating their first project in Rokoko Studio

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You have created your Rokoko account and have logged into Rokoko Studio. It's time to create your first project and get creative!

Create your very first Project

In order to create a new Project, we need to follow the next steps. We will also learn how to delete a Scene and/or a Project we do not need anymore.

Go to the Projects Tab

After you log in, from the main Rokoko Studio window, click the Projects Tab


Create a new Project
In the Projects Tab, click New Project


You will be asked to name your project. Give it a cool name!

Wait for the new Project to sync
After you create your new Project, you will notice that the "cloud" icon on the top right corner will start syncing. Wait for a couple of seconds before creating a new Scene in the new Project.

Create a new Scene
After Rokoko Studio is done syncing the new Project, click either of the two buttons shown below. You will be asked to name your Scene afterward.
Delete a Scene or a Project
If you need to delete a Project or a Scene inside an existing Project, simply right-click on the Project / Scene name and click delete.


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