Create your first recording in Rokoko Studio

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This is for anyone who wants to learn more about creating their first recording in Rokoko Studio

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So you have successfully:

It's now time to get creative and create our first recording!


Creating your first recording

After you get into your Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves, and follow all the steps above, we can start having fun.

Right above the Actor Profile in the viewport, you will see a 7-button menu. The leftmost button is the calibration button. After we calibrate, we are ready to record.


Click the red circle button to start recording. Your next moves will be recorded.


After you are done recording, click the same button again to stop the recording.


Post-recording processes

After recording, you can double-click your animation on the left menu to play it.


To play the animation. Click the "Play: button.


To go back, click the "back" arrow button.


In most cases, you may need to do a small cleanup and adjust some filters. To master all the Filters and the cleanup process, check our wonderful tutorial here.

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