Mastering the WiFi Tab

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This is for anyone who wants to learn more about the WiFi Tab in Rokoko Studio

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Smartsuit Pro II Smartgloves


The WiFi Tab allows you to connect your hardware to your router and thus to your computer. It's important to know what each field in the WiFi Tab is to make sure we successfully apply the WiFi settings on our first try.


The Wi-Fi Setup Tab

Wi-Fi Setup Tab

  1. ARI (different for every single device) - A human-readable name for the Smartsuit Pro/Smartglove. 
  2. WiFi network - The name of the WiFi network you want to connect your Smartsuit to. This is also called SSID. As you will notice right away when you click the dropdown, Smartsuit Studio will start looking for WiFi networks available to you. If you don’t see the one you have in mind, just wait a little. The list updates every five seconds.
  3. Password - The password of the WiFi the Smartsuit Pro should connect to.
  4. Receiver IP - Your computer's IP address. We have made it easy for you by showing the available IP addresses but you can always double check you are using the correct one by following this article.
  5. Receiver Port - The port which is used by Smartsuit Studio to receive messages from the Smartsuit Pro. The default value is 14041.
  6. Security Type - The security type used by the WiFi router.
  7. Frequency band - The frequency band of the WiFi router. You can select 2,4 or 5,0 GHz or Dual Band.
    We recommend not changing this field. Instead, select the respective network from the drop-down that has the corresponding frequency. It should be named "Router" or similar for 2.4GHZ, and "Router_5GHz" or similar for 5GHz.
  8. DHCP mode - If set to Automatic, the router will assign an IP address to the Smartsuit Pro automatically, while Manual would require that you specify the Smartsuit IP and Gateway IP
Manual DHCP mode

WiFi settings failed to apply

If you didn't succeed, no panic as it is most likely a WiFi setting issue that can easily be resolved. Please consider the following:

  • Verifying you disabled all your computer firewalls or anti-virus software such as McAfee (you can instate exception rules later on). Learn more here
  • Testing a different router and computer (you can even test the connection with a Smartphone hotspot)
  • Consulting this troubleshooting guide when the WiFi settings fail to apply.


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