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"Step up" to the challenge!

"Level up" your motion capture. Take your animations to new "heights". Time to "take it up" a notch.

Get it? Yes, Elevation Tracking for Smartsuit Pro II is finally here! We know it's been a long time coming and thank you for being so patient. There's been quite a few things to work out to enable this, but we're happy to finally share it with the world. To start using it, just open Rokoko Studio Beta, wait for it to auto-update and then in a scene, toggle it on in Filters -> Locomotion.

You then basically set a "Snap height" value, which is the interval in cm or inches that it should try to snap to. So if you're walking up stairs approximately 20 cm in height pr. step, set it to that. You can also modify it on the recording itself - and then be sure to clean-up the foot locks per usual, which can help with correcting some height snaps also.

This is just a first version of Elevation Tracking, so be sure to share your impressions on our Discord channel, so we know where to improve going forward.

Of course, that's not all. This is a BIG update. You can see the complete list of improvements and fixes below, but worth calling out is that you can now record a single clip with multiple actors. Meaning that you can play them back, livestream and export them at the same time (you still need to select which actor you want to edit in the timeline though). Plus, you can now also organize your recorded clips in folders, so they're easier to manage when they start growing into the tens or hundreds!

Oh, and you might also have noticed a completely new design for the Dashboard. The intention here is to build a better foundation for us to add future features, such as Sample Scenes, Motion Library and Team Library, but also provide a more welcoming and visually appealing experience. It should also make it faster and easier to find the scenes you want and create new projects and scenes.

There's loads more, so check out the entire changelog below. We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

New features

  • Elevation Tracking (i.e. snap spacing) available for Smartsuit Pro II Locomotion filter.

  • Multi-actor clips: Recordings with multiple actors are now stored in the same clip for easy playback and export.

  • Clip folders: Add and organize your recorded clips in folders.

  • Redesigned and optimized Dashboard and Header.

  • Configure clip playback speed.

  • Available keyboard shortcuts can now be found in-application from the Help & Info menu.

  • New keyboard shortcuts:

    • Shortcut for initiating calibration of a selected or all actors in the scene.

    • Shortcut for initiating "Follow with camera" on the selected actor.

    • Shortcut for toggling mirror mode in the 3D viewport.

    • Escape to close pop-ups and modals.
  • Actor retarget (Experimental feature): You can now target clips to a different actor, in case you accidentally deleted the actor. This is done by right-clicking the clip in the Scene Outliner. Note that the new actor needs to have the exact same measurements as the previous one, otherwise there may be issues.

  • Device-specific calibration: You can now calibrate only the paired suit or the paired gloves on the actor, under the right-click menu. If you are seeing bad results from the catch-all calibration, try to calibrate the devices individually. This is a temporary measurement until we've done some under-the-hood and UX improvements to the calibration process.
  • New firmware updates:


Scene View and Setup

  • All objects and clips in the Scene Outliner are now sorted alphabetically (clip folders will always be shown on top, however)
  • When hovering a clip in the Scene Outliner, you'll get some general details about it.
  • You can now drag'n'drop an already paired device to another actor.
  • When using a glove-ready suit, all devices are paired to the same actor when pairing just one of the devices.
  • You can now unpair all devices from an actor with a single option in the contextual toolbar.
  • You'll now get a confirmation prompt when deleting clips.
  • You can now copy and share your scene ID for improved support and debug capabilities (right-click on scene in the dashboard, or find it in Help & Info in the header with the scene open).

Recording, Editing and Filters

  • You can now see the background locomotion processing status when it's running, e.g. after changing foot locks.
  • Added a setting so you can toggle whether to auto-enter clip view for recorded clips.
  • You'll now see specific, custom mouse cursors when hovering timeline segments to either move or resize.

Device Manager

  • You'll now get information whether your Rokoko device has been properly connected to the Wifi network and your receving computer, when you apply wifi settings in the Device Manager.
  • Improved loading of existing device data when entering the wifi tab in the Device Manager, including automatic initial scan of wifi networks.
  • You'll now get helpful tooltips for most of the Wifi fields in the Device Manager.


  • If you've already used your Plus plan trial, you'll see this information on the ID website.
  • We've added various links to popular help articles throughout the application, just where you need it!

Fixed issues

Scene View and Setup

  • Device diagnostics now work correctly when using a glove-ready suit with just one glove connected.
  • Fixed several actor display and visibility issues when entering and exiting Clip View.
  • Selected objects are now de-selected as expected when exiting or entering Clip View.

Recording, Editing and Filters

  • Fixed an issue where removing the first foot lock segment activated foot lock on the layer until the end of the next foot lock segment.
  • Fixed an issue in the timeline, where moving the current time indicator past the end-range marker would move the current time indicator to a random place.
  • Moving segments in the timeline now corresponds to the mouse cursor position.
  • When moving timeline segments, they are now "blocked" from being moved as they reach blocking points, e.g. another timeline segment on the same row.
  • Fixed an issue where the lines and numbers in the timeline wouldn't be properly aligned the first time you'd enter Clip View in a session.
  • Using the "Home" shortcut to go to the first frame of the clip now always works as expected.


  • Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when importing a .bvh export in Blender.

New known issues

  • Elevation Tracking
    • Toe Bend only works on the ground level and not on other planes during Elevation Tracking.
    • If Elevation Tracking is enabled on an Actor, pairing a Smartsuit Pro II to the actor will offset the Actor on the Y-axis (height). Toggle Elevation Tracking off and on again to fix it.
  • Multi-Actor Clips
    • Multi-actor clips won't work properly when recording with more than 3 Actors.
  • Clip Folders
    • When adding or removing folders, all existing folders will be collapsed.
    • The "draggable" mouse cursor shown when hovering Clips will sometimes stick around after e.g. enetering Clip View.
  • New Dashboard
    • The Projects tab in the new Dashboard can be slow to load if you have a lot of Projects or Scenes.
  • Filters & Timeline
    • The Treadmill filter is not applied consistently across Live View and recorded clips.
    • Very small locomotion foot lock segments can be unresponsive when trying to resize them.
    • The "Show foot lock gizmos" toggle is shown even if the clip doesn't have any body/Smartsuit Pro layers that contain locomotion/foot locks.
  • Device Pairing
    • If you unpair Smartgloves from an Actor used in a Clip with recorded Smartgloves layers, the clip playback will contain issues (re-pair the Smartgloves to fix the issue).
  • Other
    • After clicking a button or similar, pressing Enter will automatically activate the same functionality again (as if the button is still selected)

See Rokoko Studio Beta - Known Issues

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