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Time to sample Rokoko Studio

It's been a while since the last update to Studio Beta, and while that's partly to blame on vacation, it's also because we've been busy with a lot of significant updates that required some extra time to mature. Some of that won't be available yet in this release - such as Offline Mode and Motion Library - but rest assured that this will be coming very soon.

With this release, we're introducing Sample Scenes, i.e. pre-created scenes with clips recorded using actual Rokoko devices and cleaned up using Studio tools. There's 6 different scenes with approx. 4-6 clips each, demonstrating both Smartsuit Pro, Smartgloves and Face Capture - by itself and in combination - as well as Elevation Tracking. This is a great starting point if you're new to our ecosystem or want to sample what's possible with our hardware and software, and you're free to export and use the content however you'd like. It's all available from our backend, so every time you "open" a Sample Scene, you'll be copying it to your own project for you to modify as you see fit, and we can seamlessly add new ones over time or update the existing ones.

We've also added a bunch of improvements and new features when doing motion capture and cleaning up. The Knee Pop Smoothing filter is back, we've added some automatic hip nudging when your feet extend too far, and we've significantly improved locomotion stability, especially on less-than-stellar Wi-Fi. In combination, this should bring significant improvements to your mocap sessions and the following clean-up.

You'll also notice new UI and UX for both the recording panel and the calibration process. While the latter has been optimized to better instruct and visualize how to properly do calibration to get the best results, the new recording panel is also bringing new features. You can now pre-name clips before recording, set a recording countdown in settings, and you'll be notified if we recommend that you calibrate before recording.

For all our Unreal Engine users, you'll appreciate the improved export preset, now also exporting in A-pose as the reference pose, making the import-to-Unreal process faster and easier than ever. There's many more additions, improvements and fixes, all listed below.

We hope you enjoy and as always, remember to share your thoughts and impressions

New features

  • You can open (i.e. copy) 6 pre-made sample scenes with clips recorded using Rokoko devices and cleaned-up using Studio, for you to view, investigate, export and use as you see fit.
  • Motion capture & clean-up
    • Added a Knee Pop Smoothing filter
    • Added automatic hip nudging when feet extend too far
    • Added the ability to pre-name clips before recording
    • Added the ability to set a countdown before recording
    • Added a recommendation/notification to calibrate before recording, if a device has been paired/unpaired to an actor since the last recording
  • Added the ability to toggle Presentation Mode (most UI hidden) in scene view, using F11
  • New export options:
    • Proper support for Unreal Engine in the skeleton export preset, incl.
      • using A-pose as the reference pose
      • original ue4 mannequin skeleton joint orientations and support for roll (twist) joints
    • Added the ability to export multi-actor clips as individual files pr. actor, when exporting as .fbx
  • New keyboard shortcuts
    • Scene View: Change visibility of selected actor
    • Scene View: Delete selected asset (i.e. actor, clip)
    • Dashboard: Create new project or scene
    • All shortcuts and their assigned keys can be found under Help & Info -> Keyboard Shortcuts
  • New firmware added
  • New Command API calls and parameters
    • Full API documentation here
    • Added a command that pairs an external tracker (e.g. a HTC Vive Tracker) to an actor and have the tracker set the actor's position
    • Added a command that returns the list of current live input devices in a scene
    • Added parameters to the start/stop recording commands:
      • Clip name
      • Time code
      • Framerate
      • Auto-enter clip view after recording (not yet working fully)
    • Added parameters to the calibration command:
      • Countdown length (not yet working fully)
      • Calibration pose used (not yet working fully)
      • Calibrate Smartgloves
      • Calibrate Smartsuit Pro


  • Motion capture & clean-up
    • Improved locomotion stability, especially on unstable Wi-Fi networks
    • You can now use some functionality while a recording is ongoing, e.g. select and auto-follow an actor with the camera
  • New calibration UI/UX
    • Used a new pose for calibrating with Smartgloves (with or without Smartsuit Pro paired), which indicates improved calibration results.
    • All other actors or unpaired live input "ghosts" are now hidden when calibrating
    • Guidance image and link to calibration guide video added.
  • New recording panel, incl. clip pre-name field (with auto-numbering)
  • Greatly improved response time when connecting USB devices and performing firmware upgrades, and also improved firmware upgrade reliability
  • Actor visibility state can now be chosen directly instead of cycled through
  • Improved UI and messaging when trying to access features that are not available for your assigned role in the team
  • Added links to relevant help articles on some errors and in places where there may be configuration challenges
  • When connecting a device to your Wi-Fi, Studio will now indicate if the device successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network and/or successfully connected to Studio as well.
  • User toggles and configurations, e.g. toggling foot lock gizmos to show/hide in the 3D viewport, is now locally saved, so you don't always have to toggle it on
  • Improved information and handling if the same user account is logged into Rokoko Studio Beta on more than one computer at a time
  • When pairing an input device to an actor, the actor is auto-selected afterwards
  • New scenes can now be made straight from the Recent Scenes row on the main Dashboard page, with a project dropdown if there's more than one project in the dropdown
  • Several color updates and minor UI tweaks

Compatibility changes

  • We decided to remove official support for Studio Beta on Intel-based Mac's, since we had severe bugs and performance issues, some of them requiring OS updates that didn't seem to gain any traction.

Fixed issues


  • Fixed an issue where the right side of the application wasn't functional, i.e. no buttons could be clicked, in certain aspect ratios and resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue with data not always loading properly when switching user (i.e. logging out and in as another user).
  • When signing out of Rokoko Studio Beta and logging back in, you'll now be asked to choose a login method and credentials, instead of just auto-logging with the same user as before.
  • Fixed an issue where buttons, etc. would remain highlighted after being clicked, and pressing "Enter" would activate their function.
  • Fixed some issues with keyboard shortcuts, which could sometimes make them not work if you opened several popups.
  • Blocked some shortcuts from being available during "sensitive" states, e.g. recording, calibrating and loading, to avoid issues.

Scene View and Setup

  • Fixed an issue where pairing an Actor with a Smartsuit Pro would offset the Actor on the y-axis, if Elevation Tracking was enabled
  • The mouse cursor wouldn't always properly update to the proper cursor icon when using double-click or if a device disconnected while using drag'n'drop.
  • Fixed an issue where adding or deleting a folder would cause all open folders to collapse.
  • Fixed issues with the "out-of-view" arrow, pointing to a selected actor not currently visible for the camera, didn't update properly.
  • Changed the Actor Profile measurements so that they no longer have pre-defined min and max values
  • An Actor having its profile edited is now completely frozen, also face and hands
  • It's no longer possible to move clips into folders in Clip View, which would break some functionality

Recording, Editing and Filters

  • Changed the primary calibration pose when Smartgloves a paired to the "arms forward" pose, which should overall give better calibration results
  • Fixed an issue where calibration would not properly work for some Smartsuit Pro's, if they had previously been used in a scene and had since changed IP address.
    • Similarly, auto-pairing all devices in a glove-ready setup didn't work in the same scenario.
  • Fixed several calibration-related bugs where the proper pose wasn't always used.
  • Fixed an issue where the Treadmill filter didn't behave consistently in Live Mode and for recorded clips.
  • Fixed Toe Bend working properly for Elevation Tracking on non-ground-level surfaces.
  • Disabled toggling Locomotion when in Live View, since it didn't actually work. It can still be toggled on/off on recorded clips.


  • Fixed an issue with .bvh exports not working when importing to 3DS Max (solved by adding pre-rotations to exports)


  • Fixed an issue with the user avatar not being properly displayed everywhere.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard remained functional when initiating the creation of a new scene, which could lead to severe errors.
  • Fixed issues with the Dashboard content not being fully visible when the scrollbar is shown.

Devices & Device Manager

  • Fixed several bugs and stabilized some functionality related to firmware upgrades, which should ensure.
  • Fixed an issue where some fields in the Device Manager Wifi tab weren't clickable unless you scrolled to the bottom of the view.

Command API & Face Capture App

  • Fixed an issue where starting a recording using Command API or the Face Capture wouldn't work properly, if Studio was already playing back a clip

Known issues

New known issues:

  • Mac:
    • The log files can sometimes grow into several hundred gigabytes; be careful of leaving Studio running for too long!
    • Studio may crash when manually resizing the application window.
    • Dropdown menus are displayed very small.
  • Recording & Pairing Devices:
    • If you start a recording very quickly after a live input device is shown in the scene, the clip/scene may get into a broken state.
    • Actors that are not part of the recording (hidden/ghosted) may still have their nametags visible when starting a recording.
    • When unpairing live input devices, the actor's pose isn't being consistently reset.
  • Export:
    • If there's too many clips in a scene, export may fail (regardless of how many clips are exported).
    • When importing to iClone 8, the feet may be twisted.
  • Actor Profile:
    • If you edit the Actor Profile on a ghosted or hidden actor, they will remain in that visibility state.
  • Dashboard:
    • If you attempt to create a project or scene and don't have permissions, a non-function project or scene will be shown until Studio is restarted.
    • Team names with non-english characters may not be correctly displayed.
  • Device Manager
    • If a device is disconnected while configuring its Wi-Fi connection, the UI never updates.

See Rokoko Studio Beta - Known Issues for all known issues

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