Creating A Firewall Exception

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Instructions for creating a firewall exception that will allow Rokoko to run smoothly without the need to switch off your Windows firewall.

Most Windows computers have inbuilt firewall protection. However, this firewall can disrupt the connection between a Smartsuit and Rokoko Studio. Thankfully, you are able to create an exception "rule" that enables your firewall to stay switched on, while also allowing the connection between your Smartsuit and Rokoko Studio. 


Creating The Exception

1. From the Windows start menu, search and open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.


2. After selecting the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, you will see the screen below.


3. To the right of this screen, select Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer followed by Inbound Rules.


4. You will need to make a new rule for Rokoko Studio by clicking New Rule... on the right side of the window.

Capture (1).PNG


5. In the New Inbound Rule Wizard panel that will open, select Program and click Next.


6. Specify the program path:

For Rokoko Studio this would be "C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE\AppData\Roaming\Rokoko Electronics ApS\RokokoApplicationUpdater\Rokoko Studio\Rokoko Studio.exe"

For Rokoko Studio Legacy users this would be "C:\Program Files\Rokoko Studio Legacy\Rokoko Studio Legacy.exe

You can click Browse to find the program path in case it is different for you. Then click Next.


7. Select Allow the connection, and click Next.


8. Select all network types you want to allow the program to receive data, make sure at the very least that Private is checked, and then click Next.


9. Give a name and a description for the new Rule, then click Finish.


10. You should now find the Rokoko Studio rule you just created in the Inbound Rules list.


Open the rule properties by double-clicking on the rule, or right click on the rule and then select Properties. Make sure that the Action option is set to Allow the connection.

Last but not least, to make this Exception Rule actually work, you will need to enable the default Exception Rules in the Windows Firewall shown below.



Now your firewall should allow communication between your Smartsuit and Rokoko Studio on your Windows computer.


For MacBook users

To get to the Security & Privacy window and turn off the firewall:

  1. Click the Apple icon.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Click Security & Privacy.

  1. Make sure Firewall is selected at the top.

  1. This area will be locked against changes. Click the lock at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You will be required to enter your password. After, the lock will be open and you can make changes.

  1. Now click Turn Off Firewall.
  2. If you want to configure and customize the firewall, you’ll need to have the firewall on and then you can hit Firewall Options.

  1. Check which options you wish to enable or disable.
  2. After you are done, click the lock on the Security & Privacy window to prevent further changes.
  3. After you have successfully disabled the Firewall, please re-apply the WiFi settings for the Smartglove Pro inside Rokoko Studio

If you’re running MacOS Ventura or later, you’ll need to access the firewall controls through the Apple menu > System Settings > Network on the sidebar > Firewall.

If you run into any problems with the process, please reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you. 



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